Your Office Is Where You Are
Zoho Workplace lets you take your oce suite wherever you go, accessing and working on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Share documents with your peers and get them reviewed fast.
Authorized ZOHO Workplace Partner
Zoho oce suite is an unsegregated platform for the users to work in a unified manner for an eective business productivity. This web-based processor was launched in 2005 to provide a coherent tool consisting of processing, spread sheets, web conferencing, databases, note taking, wikis, presentations, CRM, project management, invoicing and other applications. ConceptNXT has an approved partnership with zoho providing required solutions in implementing, consulting ,collaborating and deployment services. Customers are important zoho as well as ConceptNXT.
ZOHO Workplace Features
Account Privacy
zoho provides a well defined security method to protect the users from loosing their data. The data of the users are never tracked either for turning it into revenue either. The well encrypted security method ensures that the mails are received by the intended recipients only. The protection is ensured by 2FA, EAR, S/MIME, TLS.
Online saving
Docs could be used to store, share and upload all the works online and can be used anytime required.
Extensive control panels
The admins of each team can setup and individual mailbox quotas, privileges, email policies, group accounts etc which makes it a powerful and easy to use control panel.
Zia the AI assistant assists the users which makes it a user friendly interface.
Rich application ecosystem
The writer tool of zoho enables the writer to perform eectively using it creating, editing, sharing features. The powerful webinar tool helps in a modified visual practice. The meeting and conferences could be easily conducted using the webinar tools. Users can share, chat, call in the process. Cliq , presentations, sheets, processing, email etc are the few other eective and robust methods of collaboration that zoho serves.

Conversations are just a click away.

Client Benefit
User friendly
Zoho has a very user-friendly interface which makes it easy and simple for the customers to deal with their work in-corporating zoho.
Omnichannel communication
Despite your location and situation, your business will run smoothly in the zoho platform. Anytime access from anywhere is an important benefit zoho presents. Emails, chat, call, webinar, video calls, document transfers, etc are all handles eectively by the zoho CRM channels.
Exquisite integration
Zoho put forwards the availability of wide ranged applications within itself. Users need not wander in search of a third party for any activity due to their compatibility with the applications on its own.
Nominal pricing
Along with being user friendly it also serves as a budget friendly suite for both small businesses and medium businesses. Pay-as-you-go method makes it a reliable service without any further comm itments or contracts.
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