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Office 365 is a standard suite launched in 2011, mainly aimed at the corporate world. The Microsoft provides a line of subscription services for its users with its own span of life. The software intends to increase the productivity along with shifting your business to a newer level. ConceptNXT is an authorized partner of the Microsoft 365, which serves as a platform to provide a better experience for your business as well as your users.
Microsoft Office 365 Features
Outlook tools include outlook mail, outlook calendar, outlook people, outlook tasks etc which brings to your organization a standardized form of coopetition.
Teams is a hub for the users of the same or dierent management system to coordinate and work. Users may coordinate with each other via calls, chat , video call, file sharing, etc.
Microsoft Kaizala
Kaizala serves to provide as secure platform for collaboration within or out of the organization. The highlight of Kaizala being its optimized model to work in 2G network which supports it to work in remote locations. Surveys/polls, power BI dashboard, etc are its wide range features which can be supported in the oine mode as well.
Hosted services
Hosted services include, Exchange, Skype for business, Sharepoint, Oce web-app suits. Onedrive feature of sharepoint provides almost 1 TB storage which could also be extended with the help of cloud.
OneNote class Notebook
It presents the education version which helps the tutors to access the built in content library to sync and share the contents.
Microsoft planner
The planner spoons out an eective way to visualize and organize the team work with its features of sharing files,assigning tasks, chatting, setting due dates etc.

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Client Benefit
Microsoft 365 is a well established secured environment with its various measures to secure the data of the users like two factor authentication. The robust nature of the product assures a confined and protected world from threats, anti viruses, etc.
Automatic Updates
The essential application provided by Microsoft such as word, excel, outlook are all designed to work online without any further installations. Any updates in the future will be automatically performed within your subscription limit requiring no human intervention.
Higher Productivity
The suit being used daily, has a simplified version to operate in the corporate world. It can help the users to keep track and thus increase the productivity and save the cost.
Business Continuity
Your business will run despite any scenario inside or outside the organization because of its feature to upload the data in the cloud. The backup can assure a continuous business and 99.9% uptime without the concern to stop even when the physical systems are affected.
Seamless Integration
Microsoft 365 lets you collaborate effectively by sharing the mailboxes, calendars, conatcts, also it could all be edited jointly or individually according to the will. Sharepoint is another integral tool with multiple features in helping the management ease the work.
Remote Accessibility
You will be able to access your team from any location, time and communicate smoothly with office 365. It also supports all the devices such as android,ios, laptops, desktops, tabs, etc.
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